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We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig
I don't write on this. It'd take forever. It just looks cool.

Judge not lest ye be judged, eh? Well, go ahead. Click on a couple of my own pieces and judge away. I double dare you.


These are some short stories. I've done a couple of novels too, but honestly, they're not that good. Number three will be though. Promise.


And of course, if you have thoughts on ANY of them, drop me a line at


(I'm sure there are spelling mistakes and whathavyoo in here. That's one of the many reasons they're sitting on GBR rather than in your latest literary periodical. I'll tidy them up some day. Cross my heart.)

TOMMY'S PAPER JUNGLE - One about a kid. And some origami. Which is more interesting than it sounds (I hope).

Tommy's paper jungle.doc
Microsoft Word document [38.7 KB]

THE REVEREND AND THE AXE MAN - A short story about a clergyman confronted by a man on a killing spree. Light one to kick off then right?

The Reverend and the axe man.doc
Microsoft Word document [58.5 KB]

A SPINNING COIN - A bit of everyday magic from a lover of green coats. 

A spinning coin.doc
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THE CLOWN AT DINNER - This is what it says. A story about a clown at dinner. Afraid I jump perspectives a bit in this one, but still one I kind of like. See what you think.

The clown at dinner.doc
Microsoft Word document [52.0 KB]

SMALL MEN AND ROLLERCOASTERS - One about an angry man at a fairground. Not sure about the ending. Whaddya reckon?

Small men and rollercoasters.doc
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